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Himachal Pradesh Minimum Wages from 01.04.2018

himachal pradesh minimum wages

Himachal Pradesh minimum wages for Manufacturing Process

The Governor of Himachal Pradesh has revised the minimum wages of the workers working in the Manufacturing Employment with effect from 1st April, 2017 and details as follows.

Monthly Minimum Rates of Wages
Categories of Employees Per Day Per Month
Unskilled Rs. 210 Rs. 6,300
Semi-Skilled Rs. 218 Rs. 6,554
Skilled & Clerical Staff Rs. 254 Rs. 7,625
Highly Skilled Rs. 315 Rs. 9,435



  1. There will be no distinction between the minimum wages of male or female and adult or non-adult for the same and similar nature of work.
  2. Wages of Apprentices shall be regulated under the Apprenticeship Act, 1961(Act No. 52 of 1961).
  3. Where any class of work is performed on piece work basis, the wages shall not be less than the time rate prescribed for that category.
  4. If any category of workers employed in the scheduled employment is not mentioned

           specifically, such category of workers shall not be paid less than the minimum rates of

           wages fixed for the similar category having the same skill.

  1. 25% increase shall be applicable over and above the minimum wages in the Scheduled Tribe Areas in Himachal Pradesh.

The definition of unskilled/semiskilled/skilled/highly skilled will be as under:—

 (i) Unskilled

An unskilled employee is one who does operations that involve the performance of simple duties, which require the experience of little or no independent judgment or previous experience although familiarity with the occupational environment is necessary. His work may thus require in addition to physical exertion familiarity with variety of articles or goods.

(ii) Semi-skilled

A semi skilled worker is one who does work generally defined routine nature wherein the major requirement is not so much of the judgment, skill and but for proper discharge of duties assigned to him or relatively narrow job and where important decisions made by others. His work is thus limited to the performance of routine operations of limited scope.

(iii) Skilled

 A skilled employee is one who is capable of working efficiently of exercising considerable independent judgment and of discharging his duties with responsibility. He must possess a thorough and comprehensive knowledge of the trade, craft or industry in which he is employed.

(iv) Highly Skilled.—A highly skilled worker is one who is capable of working efficiently and supervises efficiently the work of skilled employees.

Minimum Wages of Himachal Pradesh daily wage workers from 01.04.2018

Source: Govt. Of Himachal Pradesh

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